Mission statement

The Northwest & Intermountain Power Producers Coalition (NIPPC) is a membership-based advocacy group representing competitive electricity market participants in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region. NIPPC has a diverse membership including independent power producers and developers, electricity service suppliers, transmission companies, marketers, storage providers, and others. NIPPC is committed to fair and open-access transmission service, cost effective power sales, consumer choice in energy supply, and fair, competitive power markets in the Northwest and adjacent markets.  


NIPPC supports a competitive electric power supply marketplace in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West based on the following principles:

  • Ensure that adequacy and reliability of electric supply is supported and not compromised.
  • Ensure that all market and transmission access, pricing, and regulatory structures allow all market participants to operate under the same terms and conditions in the regional marketplace.
  • Ensure efficient and transparent pricing signals are sent to all market participants facilitating investment in electric power supply and transmission infrastructure.
  • Ensure cost effective environmental, safety, and security best practices are put in place and maintained.