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The voice of independent power in the Northwest


NIPPC is a regional membership organization representing competitive power participants in the electricity sector in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region. NIPPC members include owners, operators, and developers of independent power generation and storage, power marketers, and affiliated companies.

our work

Featured filings

NIPPC is an active party in state, regional, and federal proceedings that affect energy policy before regulatory agencies, legislatures, courts, and other venues. Learn more about our advocacy in filings and positions before the state utility commissions of the Northwest, the Bonneville Power Administration, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and other forums. You can see more of our select filings under “Our Work”.

Bonneville Power Administration

NIPPC and RNW Whitepaper on Reforms to BPA’s Transmission Planning and Business Case Policies, “‘Appropriate and Required’: BPA and Building the Grid the Northwest Needs” 

Utility Procurement

NIPPC’s comments to the OPUC in UM 2255, Idaho Power’s draft RFP to meet 2026 capacity needs

State Legislatures

NIPPC comments to the House Committee on Environment & Energy on the provision in HB 1589 for utility bias on procurement and ownership as part of Washington State’s decarbonization goals

Utility Procurement

NIPPC comments on the CAISO EDAM revised straw proposal, following the Q&A format requested from stakeholders by CAISO.

Utility Procurement

NIPPC’s pre-hearing comments in the Montana PSC’s RFP rulemaking docket 2021.01.007. 


NIPPC comments to SPP on the draft governance straw proposal for the Markets+ program.


NIPPC’s white paper entitled ‘The Role of Competition in the Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Transition’.


NIPPC comments to the U.S. Department of Energy on the implementation of the Transmission Facilitation Program (TFP).

The NIPPC Annual Meeting

Join us at Alderbrook!

2023 marks our 20th anniversary conference

September 17-19

Our annual conference is a one-of-a-kind event, where NIPPC brings together key players from across the power sector to debate the issues facing our industry.

NIPPC strives to be a problem solver, working to develop practical solutions that meet the needs of all market participants. As we move towards a low carbon future, we remain focused on creating a fair and competitive industry that delivers low cost, reliable power to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Now more than ever, our work sees us fostering constructive policy discussions among IPPs and utilities, state regulators and legislators, the Bonneville Power Administration and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and other advocacy and interest groups.

Join us for two days of open debate and dialogue, and be part of the conversation about powering our future.

“Bearings on the Grid”

This year’s conference will dive into the many significant regional transitions needed and underway in the electricity sector.

We will convene for NIPPC’s 20th annual conference at Alderbrook Resort, the longtime home of our event.

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NIPPC Annual Meeting 2021

Join NIPPC at the Northwest’s premier energy policy conference, September 12-14, 2021.