Scott D. Bolton

Senior Vice President, Transmission and Market Development, PacifiCorp

Portland, OR

Scott Bolton sees the rapidly evolving energy industry as a catalyst for improving how PacifiCorp’s customers live and work.

He has devoted most of the last two decades to working with leaders in government, businesses (large and small) and anyone with a stake in a cleaner, more economically robust future to help tackle broad-based challenges involving energy policy, infrastructure development, rural community revitalization, and clean transportation.

Currently, Mr. Bolton leads PacifiCorp’s Transmission and Market Development initiatives, where he brings together a diverse team providing transmission planning and project management, transmission ratemaking, wholesale market development, and environmental policy that supports PacifiCorp’s system and its customers.

From promoting the expansion of critical transmission projects, to enabling the integration and advancement of clean energy, to working toward regional market and policy solutions for the grid, Mr. Bolton focuses on helping customers, not only as consumers of electricity, but as people with families and jobs who want to thrive in their communities.

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