Colin McConaha

Colin McConnaha manages the Office of Greenhouse Gas Programs at Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. This includes Oregon’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, Clean Fuels Program, and a team of climate policy specialists. Mr. McConnaha joined DEQ 10 years ago to help establish the GHG reporting program, and has since worked on a variety of climate […]

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon was elected to represent the 34th Legislative District in 2010. He chairs the House Environment & Energy Committee and sits on the Appropriations and Rural Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources committees. Rep. Fitzgibbon’s top legislative priority is the fight against climate change. He has sponsored and helped to enact laws reducing Washington’s […]

Reid Spolek

Reid Spolek is Senior Energy Lead for Google focused on powering Google’s global data centers with clean, affordable, and reliable electricity.  Previously Mr. Spolek led the global renewable strategy for Amazon Web Services (AWS) global data centers.  He also ran business development for Berkeley Energy Sciences Corp., an energy storage company that successfully merged with […]