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NIPPC’s comments to the commission in Washington’s competitive procurement rulemaking, UE-190837

NIPPC’s letter to the Washington UTC and Dept. of Commerce, stating its interpretation of the term “use” in the implementation of the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), UE-191023

NIPPC’s comments to BPA following its July EIM workshops, raising concerns over the tariff and rates changes BPA must implement in order to participate in the EIM

NIPPC submits comments to the WUTC on Puget Sound Energy’s proposed all-source RFP, UE-200414

NIPPC’s motion to intervene in BPA’s expedited rate case on the proposed suspension of its financial reserves policy surcharge for the remainder of the BP-20 rate period

NIPPC submits comments to the OPUC on ‘how capacity should be valued’ as part of the commission’s general capacity investigation, UM 2011

NIPPC comments on the Washington commission’s resource acquisition rulemaking, UE-190837

NIPPC comments on PacifiCorp’s draft 2020 all-source request for proposal (RFP), UM 2059

NIPPC’s closing comments in the commission’s investigation into long-term direct access program, UM 2024

NIPPC submits recommendations to the commission, as it considers how to implement Governor Brown’s executive order to reduce greenhouse gases, E0 20-04

NIPPC comments on clean energy implementation and compliance with the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), UE-191023

NIPPC’s joint comments in PURPA dispute resolution rulemaking, AR 629

NIPPC’s intervention before FERC in PacifiCorp’s proposed interconnection queue reforms, ER20-924-000

NIPPC’s joint comments on PSE’s & Avista’s PURPA compliance filings, UE-190663/5/6

NIPPC’s joint letter to the commission on Avista’s PURPA compliance filing, UE-190663

NIPPC’s opening brief in PGE’s proposed tariff filing to implement its large New Load Direct Access (NLDA) program, UE 358

NIPPC files testimony before the OPUC on the voluntary renewable energy tariff proceeding (UM 1953) to ensure that Oregon electricity customers have multiple options for reducing carbon emissions

NIPPC files follow-up comments with the OPUC to improve PacifiCorp’s proposed All Source Request for Proposals

NIPPC urges the OPUC to harness the expertise of independent power and regionalized markets to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions in response to Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-04

NIPPC files comments with the WUTC recommending appropriate ways to implement a return-on-PPA provision in Puget Sound Energy’s proposed All Source Request for Proposals

NIPPC files comments with FERC on PacifiCorp’s response to FERC’s deficiency letter on its proposed interconnection reform

NIPPC releases a statement and principles on the creation of a regional resource adequacy program

NIPPC’s Opening Comments in PacifiCorp’s 2019 IRP Docket, LC 70, before the Oregon PUC